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Studio L Nour is located in the Arab diasporic neighborhood of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Our work is inspired by the photo studios visited by our parents and grandparents in Cairo in the twentieth century. The photographs made in these studios provided our ancestors with images for themselves and future generations. As in these histories, our mission is to provide thoughtful studio portraits of our community. 

Studio L Nour is devoted to making photographs that honor and respect the beauty and diversity of our multicultural, multiracial, and multigenerational Middle Eastern and BIPOC community, while building a living archive for ourselves and future generations.

Studio L Nour is joined by our photo press, L Nour Editions dedicated to publishing the work of underrepresented photographers of color. Our 77th Street studio hosts a small library of L Nour Editions publications.  


Our studio provides a safe and restful space to relax, share a cup of tea and laughter, and create photographic memories to last over the years.  

We are also dedicated to building technical photography skills within our community and to this end offer image making classes for youth, adults and seniors.  


Studio L Nour is a project by the Egyptian American photographer Anthony Hamboussi and his family. We live in the neighborhood and are proud members of this vibrant Arab diasporic community. 


Studio L Nour wishes to be accessible to all in our community: If you can't make it to the studio we can come to you. Email us for booking on-location sessions and accessibility.

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